FKB, the high-energy rock band based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has had a whirlwind past few years. Between releasing four singles and three music videos, they have performed over 120 shows in the last year and a half in Canada and the United States. They were also nominated for Adult Alternative Recording of the Year for “Bright Lights” at the Edmonton Music Awards during this time. Their 2018 single “Casual Love,” released on KnightVision Records/Warner Music, attracted international attention. Their dedication to a fast and exciting rock show continues to capture the attention of audiences everywhere they play just as it caught the attention early on of Clayton Bellamy (The Road Hammers) who produced their debut EP 123 FKB as well as recent singles “Bright Lights,” “My Bedroom,” “Casual Love,” and "Backseat Daydream." The band has an impressive resume of shows with performances alongside high profile artists including Pop Evil, Bif Naked, Scott Helman, and many more.

Formed in 2009 in Bonnyville, Alberta out of a mutual love of the music from the 50s and 60s, FKB was winning over fans while still in high school with their eclectic early performances that paid homage to their heroes like Elvis, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. The band began performing wherever they could and would spend every day locked in a garage learning their favorite songs and perfecting their vocal harmonies. Their hard work quickly began paying off, as they became a staple in the area performing multiple shows a week. They met Clayton Bellamy at one of these performances and he took notice of both their songwriting style and live presence. He made the offer on the spot to produce their first album so they wasted no time and began writing and working on 123 FKB within days. Clayton would bring in help from his friend Scott Baggett (John Waite, Alison Krauss, The Road Hammers) to mix and engineer the EP and help refine the band’s sound. The resulting EP, released in 2014, was a success and led to the single “Crystal Ball” which garnered radio airplay across Canada and saw the band voted by fans as one of the top 100 campus bands on CBC Music in 2015.

After touring and promoting 123 FKB, the band reunited with Clayton to begin work on their follow up in 2016. FKB released their single "Bright Lights" in 2017 followed by a tour of North America that included performances throughout Canada and the United States. Upon completing this tour, the band released "My Bedroom" in January 2018 accompanied by a tour of Western Canada. In August they partnered with KnightVision Records, a division of Warner Music in Amsterdam, to release “Casual Love.” In February 2019, FKB released their newest single "Backseat Daydream."